Care when travelling with kids

Care when travelling with kids

1)       Children dressed comfortably for the weather  and terrain will be happier for a new environment.

2)      Take a device  loaded with games n apps for the entertainment of kids while travelling thus we don’t need to carry toys with us.

3)      Use public transport like bus,train,boat and airplane where is good for the knowledge of kids.somtimes they repeat the names of metro stops  as they were is good for them.

4)      Keep tabs on them at airport,stations and crowded attractions  with a child locator.The  child wear a small unit (strapped to a belt or shoe)and you keep the transmitter.if u lose the child set off the alarm and follow the child.

5)      Kids always seems to get ill on holidays.keep medicines with you like calpol is for kids  fever n other basic ingredients in your first aid kit should include antiseptic wipes,plasters,sting treatment n thermometer.

6)      Refuse to feed them with sweets.pack a mixture of  snacks like cheese cubes,breadsticks and  fruits.

7)      If your baby is long out of nappies,don’t forget the baby wipes.They are useful  for washing hands,cleaning toilet seats and restaurant tables.

8)      Always keep little bottle of hand cleanser ,but check the travel regulations  for liquid well in advance.

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